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Celebrate your next birthday, anniversary or work accomplishment in style with cigars from the Smokes 4 Less Flagship store in Wappingers Falls, NY or any of our 16 locations throughout the Hudson Valley Area. Our cigar store carries cigars in a variety of sizes and flavor profiles. Treat yourself to something from our walk-in cigar humidor, and then kick back and relax in our cigar lounge.

Looking for a specific brand? Contact us today to find out if we carry it in our cigar store. You can get cigars wholesale, too.

Experience our comfortable cigar lounge

Come to one of our cigar lounges in the Hudson Valley area to enjoy premium cigars in a relaxing environment. We carry hundreds of cigar options that will impress even the most seasoned palates. You can sit and chat with friends, read the newspaper or watch a football game on our TV while enjoying a cigar. There's no better way to de-stress after a busy day.

Parts of a Cigar

Parts of a Cigar

  • Filler: the tobacco leaves that make up the bulk of the cigar; the main ingredient
  • Binder: the leaf that is wrapped around the filler
  • Wrapper: the outer most leaf (the icing on the cake!); where the most flavor comes from

A Connecticut Shade wrapper has a very mellow taste, almost nutty. This wrapper is grown under cheese cloth in the shade. Examples: A. Fuente, Romeo y Juliet Reserve Real, Don Diego playboy, CAO, Ashton, Montesino, and Montecristo No. 2

The Cameroon wrapper is from Cameroon, Africa and very flavorful. Examples: Don Diego, CAO Cameroon, and H. Upmann

Maduro wrappers are very dark and have a rich taste; not overpowering, just RICH. This is a Connecticut Shade Wrapper that is fermented longer to achieve the dark color. Examples: CAO MX2 Extreme Maduro, Romeo y Juliet Reserve Maduro, LaGloria de Cubana, Macanudo Hampton Court, Onyx, LaPerla Habana, Acid Atom, Montesino Maduro, and Cuesta-Rey Maduro

The Long and the Short

The Long and the Short

  • Length: from tip to tip; the bigger the number, the longer the cigar
  • Ring: Gauge circumference; the bigger the number, the fatter the cigar

Size Examples:

  • Robusto A popular size: 4 ½ x 5.
  • Toro 6 x 50
  • Corona 5 ½ x 43
  • Churchill 7 ¼ x 48
  • Lonsdale
  • Belicoso
  • Torpedo

Humidor Maintenance

Humidor Maintenance

The humidity level of the humidifier should be at 68 - 72 (hygrometer) NO less, NO more. In order to keep it at this level you must always keep the humidifiers filled with water and make sure the doors are always closed.

If the humidity level is too low, the cigars will get hard and will crack. If the humidity is too high the cigars will get soft and wont keep lit.

Sometimes, larva will form if humidity gets too close to 80. If this happens, it will ruin all the cigars in the humidor.

Also, room temperature should be maintained between 68 - 72

Understand the difference between MOLD and PLUME (or BLUME). Mold is generally dark (greenish) and will not rub off of the cigar wrapper. Mold is NOT good. Plume is the result of a crystallization process cigars go through (aging). The wrapper may have a fine layer of white colored crystals on it; this is a natural aging process.