Get Cigarettes at Low Prices

Get Cigarettes at Low Prices

Buy tobacco products from one of our stores in the Hudson Valley Area

Smokes 4 Less is one of the largest tobacco chains in the Hudson Valley area. We sell a number of different tobacco products, including cigarettes, rolling papers, loose tobacco, collectible glass ashtrays and lighters. We charge the state minimum for cigarettes. Whether you need to pick up a pack of cigarettes or place an order for wholesale tobacco products, you'll get prompt and friendly service from our knowledgeable staff.

If you need wholesale tobacco products, please bring your valid DTF-720 or tax ID number to our store. Visit our Flagship store in Wappingers Falls, NY today.

We have roll-your-own tobacco supplies

While traditional cigarettes have their merits, there's nothing like hand-rolled cigarettes. Here's why rolling your own tobacco is better:

  • You have more control. You can choose the tobacco that goes into your cigarettes and how much you want in them.
  • You save money. Buying the supplies to roll your own cigarettes is more affordable than buying pre-made packs.
  • You can verify the quality. Since you'll be buying the tobacco separately, you'll be able to inspect it for mold, mildew or foreign particles.

When you need roll-your-own tobacco products, come to Smokes 4 Less. We'll help you find everything you need to roll the perfect cigarette.